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So, it’s not so bad.

October 21, 2008

By now, you’ve probably got the impression that I hate college. And I don’t blame you. I’ve mentioned it a few times, and have not reported anything positive about the place since I joined in early september.

Well, I am pleased to report that that’s all changed. I’m not going to say it’s perfect- far from it. But I’ve started to enjoy my time there. I’m getting along with my art peers, my art teachers and I’ve even developed a soft spot for the vice principal of the entire college- who’d have thought it? The Dinner Ladies have a certain charm about them, as I’m sure all dinner ladies do- but a couple here seem particuarly wonderful.

It has been hard going. Long hours, long lessons and a lot of adjusting- but the initial ‘try everything out’ six weeks are up, and I’ve just had my assessment. I’m now going to be studying just Textiles and Illustration, and I’m super excited about it.

I’m afraid that I’ve got no photographs of my final textiles two week introduction piece, which was praised by my two teachers in my assessment this morning. It’s going in a display cabinet soon I think, so I’ll hopefully get a snap of that.

It involved lots of this. And that’s the only clue you’re getting for now.

felting fun

This is just some of the work I spent the past six weeks doing. I apologise for the quiet that this brought about on this little blog here, but you try doing all that while you’re at college and then come home and make extra stuff.



colligraph suicide

colligraph foetus

Oh yeah, and drawing’s not so bad.


Presents from Australia

August 20, 2008

On Cut Out and Keep, on the forum, we often have craft swaps. They’re on craftster too, but I find on cut out and keep they’re a more manageable, personal scale so I like to participate often on the cut out and keep ones.

Today I completed a swap package and sent it off to Knittin’ Kitten, but I shan’t post that until I have word she’s received. No spoilers! Instead I’ll show you what I sent to Shivi, a darling little girl in Australia a few months ago.

The theme of the swap between Shivi and I was a very open one- we’d give three things that we liked, and three colours. She gave me Alice in Wonderland (Disney), Kawaii and Vintage Floral. She also said she didn’t mind about the colours, provided there wasn’t too much pink or dark blue. So! Here’s what I made for her:

Here’s a little needle felted Needlebook, following the Kawaii theme. The font is (I hope) Japanese for strawberry, although I’m sure I went wrong somewhere along the line.

Here’s a waist-pinny for the vintage floral. I messaged her before asking her for examples of vintage floral patterns she liked. I’m glad I did, if I’d have followed what I had in my mind I’d have used fabric that looks rather more like wallpaper and curtains with large cascading flowers on it, but she wanted something far more demure. I gave her a pocket because every pinny deserves a pocket.

But I like to think I’ve saved the best till last. She asked for Disney Alice in Wonderland, but I misread the situation and thought she meant either Disney or Alice in Wonderland. I often forget there was a Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, since the Tenniel illustrations and the book itself is so completely magical, there’s no room in my heart for any Disney. I started stitching her this piece, and half way through I worked out what she had probably meant. Being stubborn, I chose to ignore it. I know, I know it’s bad but! Tenniel’s illustrations were so beautiful, and the quote was so perfect! Shivi is at the age of that awful time at school when everyone’s telling you to plan out your life and plan out your career. If I’d have done that, then I’d probably be preparing to study history at degree level, and even more likely- desperately unhappy. Instead I followed my own feet and, although currently am doing nothing worthwhile, I’m perfectly content. I hoped that Shivi would have the success that I did, and thought I’d give her this quote to poke her in the right ‘direction’.

Then I made it into a cushion.

It was received very well I am pleased to report, and she sent me a super little package in return. Thankyou Shivi!