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I’m a free bitch, baby.

November 28, 2010

I uh, decided to embroider a stumpwork portrait of Lady Gaga.

I found an unfinished mirror frame in the V&A, it was started by Martha Eldin in the mid to late 17th Century, she did a lot of it but she hadn’t quite finished it. On the frame, was a drawing that was yet to be filled in of Hagar. I can’t find a photograph of her to show you, I’ll sort it out soon. She was standing all strong and proud, so I decided to base my Lady Gaga around her.


Obviously, she had to have exploding tits.



Her weird monster shoes, and her bodice too (although that’s now mostly covered with the flag) are needlewoven. The shoes were hell, tiny weeny stitches with a tiny weeny thread.


I made her a little microphone out of fimo and a thread wrapped wire hand to hold it in.


That is my hair there – I cut it off in a hungover state about a year ago and kept it all this time, waiting for it to become useful. And now it has! I covered it in glue and wrapped it around thick needles to get the curls, then I couched it down.

I am way too tired to explain anymore. Le sigh! Royal School of Needlework, you wear me out.


Miss me much?

July 28, 2010

Ok, so I’ve been away. I’ve been busy! I’ve been having fun. I’ve been hanging out. I’ve been a bad blogger.

But hey, I’m back now. And you know what you get to ease the pain in your heart? You get a free cross stitch pattern. Why? Because I missed you too.

I made this to enter it into a competition to be an Elizabeth Bradley pattern. It was too gosh darn rock n roll for them so I was denied. So instead, I’m throwing it into your open arms. G’wan, stitch it, love it, give it a home.


It’s a little angry bull decorated with flowers because women are full of strength and anger inside, but we cover ourselves with fripperies and fineries to make us more accessible. Or something. Visual metaphors in cross stitch ftw.

As my mum once said, women are wonderful. Whatever sex you are, you should celebrate this.

Be back soon, promise.