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November 23, 2008

Today I decided to watch The Elephant Man and make myself a little ami elephant.


Originally, the elephant was supposed to be for a friend. But how could I give it away? And when my father saw it, he exclaimed “Eeeh, a little trunky! A mascot for when we’re playing Trunky.” My mother then explained that ‘Trunky’ was a card game he played as a child and had spent the weekend trying to remember the rules of.

It’s been a long time since I indulged my need for amigurumi. I think it could well have been a year! Back when I made my then Beau a little triceratops for Christmas. His legs were wonky (in true ami style) and he sits like a tripod atop ex-Beau’s television. Once again, Trunky is far from perfect and he appears to lie on his belly, rather than be supported by his legs.

But- we love him anyway.

The pattern for trunky is from Roman Sock’s Instant Crochetification.