Is Big Society Working?


Just a quick post today to let you know about an exciting new project I’m involved with – ‘Is Big Society Working?’ will visualise a year under the ConDem government.

It’s free to join in so I’d recommend you all take a look at the website and express your hatred of them through the medium of embroidery.

You can find the website here:


2 Responses to “Is Big Society Working?”

  1. byanushka Says:

    sounds good. when is the deadline for participating? for i am sickeningly busy (i.e. the amount of work i have is disgusting, and also possibly will make me sick) until at least late May. xx

  2. Rosa Says:

    Supposed to be 15th May but can maybe waver it by a week or so. Of course you could ask for a kit, then we’ll send it to you, you can simply write on it then pop it back in the post, then we’ll do the embroidery!

    Don’t let yourself get sick from work. I’ve done that recently and it’s not that fun… However I would say in the end it’s possibly worth it, but dear god try to avoid it as best you can. I realise I’m talking in riddles but will maybe reveal soon x

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