IWD Post #1 : Can feminist art change the world?

Here are a few things I saw whilst at York University’s Centre for Women’s Studies’ ‘Carnival of feminist cultural activism‘ :


Julia Triston‘s Knicker Bunting


The Potentia Magazine team


Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune, authors of Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement and Gail from The Feminist Library


Bill Savage and the backdrop for the karaoke video of Le Tigre’s Keep on Livin’


Paper Women


Dolly, the festival Pinata


Charlotte ‘The Beefer’ Cooper, head of The Chubster gang, teaching wannabe chubsters how to spit at the BMI chart.

I had a brilliant, brilliant time. I will blog later about how my own workshop went. Happy International Women’s Day!

Oh and yes, I do believe that feminist art can indeed change the world.


One Response to “IWD Post #1 : Can feminist art change the world?”

  1. Mid-week RoundUp | missbeliever Says:

    […] Some great images from the ‘Carnival of Feminist Cultural Activity’ at York Uni, by Rosa (another girl I’m always crushing hard on. SO GOOD AND INSPIRING) […]

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