DR: 01-01-11

The first of January marked more of an occasion for me this year than normal. I wasn’t excited by champagne corks flying or New Years resolutions, instead I was excited by a new feeling: optimism about politics. Not Britain, of course, but the wider world.

The first of Janury 2011 was the day that Dilma Rousseff became the most powerful woman in the world. Rousseff is now the president of Brazil. The first was her inauguration day, I’ve been awaiting this day for some months now. She’s not just any old politician. I’m not simply excited on account of her being a woman: it’s because of her history.

When Dilma was much younger, in the 60s, she was a guerilla fighter. She fought against the military dictatorship. She was captured, declared the ‘Joan of Arc of The Guerilla Movement’, tortured, and held in a cell for three years. And now, fifty years later, she is the president of that very country that she fought to save. If any proof is needed that standing up for what you believe in is the right thing to do, Dilma is it.

And so to celebrate, I made a rosette:


We’ve been doing whitework at school recently so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do my school work and honour a great woman.


The centre image is a venetian cutwork portrait of her doing her peace signs which she loves to do so much. I’d definitely vote for a politician who frequently gave a peace sign at press conferences. The middle ring uses broderie anglaise and pulled thread work.


The outer ring is a scalloped edge of buttonhole stitching so as to be able to cut it away and have no frayed edges. Sort of. Kind of worked?


The ribbons were made with a thin muslin which I double back stitched on, in the font Corbusier Stencil, the words “Fight The Good Fight”.

I am going to wear her with pride, and a little bit of fear of getting her dirty. Wahhh, white ūüė¶

*the background image of these photos has no political meaning: I was taking photographs on the bus home and all I had in the way of a background was a painting of an American boy my boyfriend bought me for Christmas


5 Responses to “DR: 01-01-11”

  1. Tweets that mention DR: 01-01-11 ¬ę My Little Stitches -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Grace Denton, Rosa. Rosa said: New Blog post! Dilma Rousseff is awesome so I embroidered her: https://mylittlestitches.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/dr-01-01-11/ […]

  2. Callum Says:

    Ace artwork (as ever) but I think Angela Merkel might pick a fight with you over the whole “most powerful woman in the world” thing.

    Happy new year Rosa!

  3. Fuchsia Says:

    This is so beautiful!

  4. Ben Says:

    Guerilla, freedom fighter, whatever – she’s got to sort out that hair… iIt looks like a Diana. But not from the 80’s. Right now.

  5. Indie Fixx / Indie Fixx From Across the Pond: stunning stitch work Says:

    […] This¬†rosette is a stunning piece of white work by craftivist¬†Curegreed, created¬†to¬†commemorate the day that Dilma Rouseff was inaugurated as president of Brazil. […]

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