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Miss me much?

July 28, 2010

Ok, so I’ve been away. I’ve been busy! I’ve been having fun. I’ve been hanging out. I’ve been a bad blogger.

But hey, I’m back now. And you know what you get to ease the pain in your heart? You get a free cross stitch pattern. Why? Because I missed you too.

I made this to enter it into a competition to be an Elizabeth Bradley pattern. It was too gosh darn rock n roll for them so I was denied. So instead, I’m throwing it into your open arms. G’wan, stitch it, love it, give it a home.


It’s a little angry bull decorated with flowers because women are full of strength and anger inside, but we cover ourselves with fripperies and fineries to make us more accessible. Or something. Visual metaphors in cross stitch ftw.

As my mum once said, women are wonderful. Whatever sex you are, you should celebrate this.

Be back soon, promise.