Scarlet Work

Thankyou to everyone for your stories! I was inundated but that was absolutely wonderful- every single one of them added to the strength of my sketchbook, and every single one was a joy to read and a fascinating insight. I recommend reading them all, and furthermore- asking your friends for their own stories. It gives way to a brilliant conversation, that whilst at the beginning some may be reserved about- after a few minutes people are fighting to have their voices heard. Everyone loves it.

So on Rabia’s story, I hinted at the stitch outcome. However I didn’t say that the point of dissolving it was to dissolve it onto my thigh, like a huge trickling blood spill that supported all the stories of the women whose histories I gathered. I videoed this process, so it was a multimedia Embroidery project- which I am going to claim as being the first one ever at The Royal School of Needlework. Record breaking embroidery.

I don’t think i can show you the video- there’s probably too much nudity for youtube and my knowledge of uploading videos to the internet is essentially nonexistent. Photographs however- doable.



It means you’re normal


Don’t tell Dad


Trickling down my leg

And with that- I have finished my first year at Embroidery School.


5 Responses to “Scarlet Work”

  1. Tweets that mention Scarlet Work « My Little Stitches -- Says:

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  2. byanushka Says:

    Yegods – this is brilliant. Well done Rosa. I’m somehow proud to know you in this strange, virtual existance. xx nush.

  3. schinders Says:

    ditto. you’re brilliant and brave. good on ya!!

  4. Perri Says:

    Ace. Really, ace.

  5. Chesley Says:

    This worked out so beautifully! I love how truly bloody the wet stitches look, great!!!!

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