Rabia’s Story

So a few days ago I asked you for your stories, and what a response I got! Thanks to everyone who shared, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I thought I’d show you my sample for my final piece, containing Rabia’s story. Rabia is on my course with me – she’s 21 years old and she moved to England from Afghanistan six years ago. This is her story:

I didn’t know anything about it- nobody had told me at all about things like that. When my breasts started growing I went to my dad and said “I’ve got two spots on my chest, I think I should go to the doctor” and then my mum shouted at me for talking to my dad about things like that. So when I started, and I found blood, I thought I’d cut myself when I’d been scratching because I had long fingernails. I wiped the blood away and carried on. But later I found more blood, and no matter how much I wiped I’d always find more- I was really scared. I went to my sister and told her about what was happening, I was embarrassed about damaging myself in this way, but she just gave me a hug and told me and explained it and she said “You’re a woman now!”.

One of the things I’m finding so interesting about this project is the wealth of stories- from different generations, different parts of the world, different class backgrounds. It’s incredible how diverse it all is.


So we’re studying blackwork at the moment, which is a lot of repeating pattern backgrounds (essentially).

I created a little uterus motif and repeated it across a background, and popped in a line from Rabia in it too.

I stitched this through counted fabric and dissolvable fabric, so then I removed the counted threads so it was just on dissolvable:

Then I dissolved the fabric away so all I have left are the stitches.

I like it but I think I’ll do a couple of things differently for the final piece.


2 Responses to “Rabia’s Story”

  1. schinders Says:

    very cool miss rosa. rock on!

  2. Scarlet Work « My Little Stitches Says:

    […] My Little Stitches « Rabia’s Story […]

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