Why? What’s your problem?

Ok, so I’ve been going cross stitch pattern mad recently. There’s an explanation for that! It’s school work, innit. I explained the unit a bit here and here, but yesterday we handed in our work and I can say I’m finished! Well, sort of. I’ve still got to actually get the pattern in a position for selling it (and I will be! zomg! you can buy something I made!) BUT, here is what you can make:


The kit will be for a sampler only, but will have instructions on how to apply it to things like jackets/tea towels/pillowcases… you get the picture.

A close up!

The quote is by Dale Spender, from her book ‘For the Record: The Making & Meaning of Feminist Knowledge
It ends with:

“If someone says ‘Oh, I’m not a Feminist.’ I ask ‘Why? What’s your problem?’

I was very excited to make my first ever sampler (ish thingy) and I hope you like it too. Did I do good? Did I? Did I?

Edit, just found this:


8 Responses to “Why? What’s your problem?”

  1. schinders Says:

    you done better than good girlie, you done great! (did you like that i called you girlie while complimenting you on your feminism?)

  2. rugosa Says:

    brilliant work, sweet cheeks

  3. Sewphie Says:

    That’s a great choice of quote- I’ve not heard it before and your pattern looks great, really well thought out
    you did supergood 🙂

  4. Drucilla Pettibone Says:

    you done good!!!

  5. feminizzle Says:

    I loved it when I saw this on flickr… I’d totally buy it! And the clip- awesome! “This is what a feminist looks like!” That’s going to be stuck in my head for a while 😛

  6. These Ain’t Your Granny’s Stitches : Ululating Undulating Ungulate Says:

    […] Dale Spender feminism quote in needlework by Rosa Martyn (of My Little Stitches) isn’t the only feminist needlework out there, but it’s a great example of something — a cause, a philosophy, a book — inspiring you into picking up a needle and thread. In this case, Martyn did her cross stitch on the back of a cotton jacket. […]

  7. I’ve been away for a month, so here are a couple of things from the blogs that I missed. « Says:

    […] couple of things from the blogs that I missed. Jump to Comments • There’s excellent feminist cross stitching over on My Little […]

  8. v Says:

    Do you have a shop? I would love this pattern!

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