I’m just mad about voting


I love it. I’m really fortunate to live in a democracy and my god, I will exercise that right and come May 6th, I will be down at the polling station bright and early to cast my vote with pride.

I get really upset when people don’t vote, and are entirely apathetical about the whole thing. There are people in certain parts of the world, who at the expense of having a voice, lose limbs or worse. All we have to do is walk down to a local polling station maybe three times a year, and many of us still don’t. Why is that?

When women don’t vote I get even sadder. It’s hardly a secret that suffragettes had to fight and fight and fight for women to get the chance to vote, and not that long ago either- not even one hundred years back. They chained themselves to fences, they starved themselves (and then got force fed), they were imprisoned and even died for the vote- famously Emily Davison threw herself infront of the Kings Horse at Epsom races for it. And what of it now? It seems women hardly care. You owe it to your mothers, your grandmothers and all your sisters to say ‘Thankyou!’ to those women and cast your vote.

The last time The Craftivist Collective met to discuss future plans, we decided we should focus on this voting apathy. One of the ways we were going to tackle it, in time for May 6th, was to create cross stitch patterns with voting as the topic. That was of course my job! And here is what I created:


For better resolution views, please go to Craftivist Collective’s flickr.

And so, on May 6th, please go vote. If you want some help on who to vote for, then this week all the parties manifestos are coming out. Furthermore, this website is good to tell you how your views align with the big guys, http://votematch.org.uk


6 Responses to “I’m just mad about voting”

  1. holly Says:

    so great!! if i have time (stupid exams getting in the way of activism) i’d love to decorate cambridge with these.

    apathy is a terrible thing.

    i know we don’t know each other or anything, but i’m glad you got over the rough patch you were having. xx

  2. rugosa Says:

    Oh those dreaded exams! I don’t have them (woo embroidery!) but I know what deadlines are like only too well so feel I can empathise.

    i think cambridge needs some craftivism! my bud visited recently and found some awesome graffitti (barmy art has saved the day) or something along those lines.

    it is nice to know that the internet brings you strangers who care. i hope your revision and exams and general life goes well and makes you happy xxx

  3. Stitch power · Needlework News @ CraftGossip Says:

    […] Rugosa (My Little Stitches) and The Craftivist Collective are celebrating the privilege of living in a democracy by sharing cross-stitch patterns that focus on voting. Find out more and get the patterns. […]

  4. immerBeginner Says:


  5. Danaou Says:

    Merci pour ces grilles !
    Je vais les broder en français, et lorsqu’il y aura des élections, je les mettrai sur mon blog !
    L’abstention est une catastrophe ! Mais pour les dictateurs, c’est le rêve ! Il est plus facile de gouverner un peuple démobilisé…
    Bizzzes de l’Abeille du jardinoux !

  6. rugosa Says:

    Merci! Je suis heureux de voir une version française à l’avenir. En outre, un commt français sur mon blog! C’est une première, je pense!

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