I used to like pigs.

So, this time last year I was obsessed with Pigs. It’s now bulls, but I fancy revisiting the past.

Why did I like pigs?
Firstly: What’s not to love? They’re all cute and snorty and big and ugly and hairy and covered in mud and wonderful. And tasty, let’s not forget that.
Secondly: Because I was doing a project based around ‘You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’ and I let it consume me. I enjoyed it consuming me. During this project, I not only took nice photographs:


(And yes, I could see piggy brains)

But I also discovered a verse from the bible that I swiftly adapted into a motto I have since lived by. And now, it is a cross stitch pattern which I wish to gift to you all, for so patiently waiting for me to update my blog (I know, I’ve been gone a while.)


And now, when I do something that I am proud of that goes unappreciated- or worse, scorned, I simply remember it is pearls before swine.

Popular Culture references to this include:
In Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Milly finds solace in her bible when the Seven Brothers are being arses to her. She then returns to the dining room and throws the table over and fucks some shit up. Go Milly.

Kurt Vonnegut’s 1965 novel ‘God Bless you, Mr Rosewater’, the extended title is ‘God Bless you, Mr Rosewater or Pearls Before Swine’. In it, Eliot Rosewater exchanges his rich, decadent lifestyle, to live in an old dentist’s office, and becomes a 24/7 agony aunt for the people of Rosewater town, who need and love him. His family think he has gone insane and cannot comprehend that such a selfless life can be lived sanely. It’s pretty good, you oughta read it. “If you would be unloved and forgotten, be reasonable.”

Talk to you soon, I promise.

Oh, and those struggles I mentioned? All gone. I am a happy bunny once again.


4 Responses to “I used to like pigs.”

  1. laural Says:

    I LOVE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It is the only reason I know about that verse!

  2. coldasashes Says:

    I have recently found your blog through Mr. XStitch and fallen in love with it. And now, realizing that you also did the photo shoot I saw on craftster so long ago and loved, I adore you all the more!

  3. rugosa Says:

    Haa! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of my all time favourite films. When I watched it after discovering the verse I was all “wtf how come i missed this!?” probably because i was busy enjoying the rest of the film so much!

    All, thankyou Coldasashes! It was a fun photo shoot, to be sure. X

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