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Obsessed with Bulls

February 24, 2010

Current obsessions:
Halo by Beyoncé
Effervescent Vitamin C
Writing lists
Waking at 6am




I’m struggling with life a bit at the moment. But I’ll bounce back and be back soon.


Life Stitching

February 2, 2010

Life drawing is fun. Add embroidery into the mix to highlight some details, and it becomes brilliant.

We spent the day life drawing at school today. We didn’t have any professional models, so our tutors did that instead. These drawings are of Nikki, or Nicola Jarvis as the embroidery world know her.

I only used thread on the face, as I thought this was the most important area to work on.

And the back of the piece is quite interesting too.

Tech specs: Charcoal, calico, household thread