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Calling Out Of Context

January 8, 2010


A long time ago now a friend asked me to embroider some ‘swirly words’ on a shirt for her. The shirt in question is a beautiful whisper of a shirt- a little piece of ethereal pastel pink jersey knit. I hadn’t been told what shirt she’d decided on when I agreed. I’d still have agreed if I’d have known, I’d just have warned her it’d take me one million years and the likelihood of me ruining the shirt was quite high. Jersey is a tricky fabric to embroider on at the best of times, due to it stretching you have to be super delicate and you can’t use a hoop. The needle has to be as small as possible and the thread small too, so as not to tug on the weave of the fabric.

As you can see from this, it’s far from perfect:

The words are by Arthur Russell. Oh, Arthur Russell- how we love you.

I give it to her tonight. Because she’s beautiful I shall take a photo of her modelling it for you and you’ll like to see. Till then.