This weekend I’ve been preparing for next week’s move to West Molesey for my studies at Royal School of Needlework. I’m really excited, I definitely need to get away from here, from these memories, and start afresh. It was pointed out to me today that I’ve become a broken record of late- I need new things to talk about.

I made a couple of cushions today. I seem to be unable of making things without decoration on, but lacking in time I had to root through my things and find stuff to use. I ended up finding two of my very earliest embroidery projects that had been done for fun and not for college work. One was unfinished, I finished it. One was intended to become a purse… A cushion’s second best, right? It was odd, finding things that there were three years old… and that I still liked. I didn’t do much ‘crafting for fun’ back then, so all my three year old work, in my mind, is AS Level work- and therefore a dreadful bore.

The first, an Art Buchwald quote rendered in pretty poor chain stitch:

The second, some sort of screaming face in chain and satin stitch?:

I remember finding the second one to be a mammoth task. I wasn’t as quick as I am now, I didn’t know as many tricks as I do now. I guess that’s why I left it unfinished (although all I left was a bit of the nose and the eyebrows) I remember watching The Crystal Maze while I did it… well the re-runs anyway, it’s not that old. It also has the tell tale signs of being an early Rosa embroidery of the lines being drawn on with biro before I stitched. Oh, the wonders of washaway embroidery pens!

They will sit proudly on my bed as a reminder of my beginnings. Never forget.


4 Responses to “Developing”

  1. byanushka Says:

    This is a lovely post Rosa. I’ve been going through my cupboards as well, discovering little felt tip drawings I did when I was 7 or 8. Hilarious! Though so hard trying to throw things away. I meant to email you but forgot, anyway obviously you’re back from Oz now 🙂 Aaaand I have a square of cotton for you, saved from my quilt sewing party! Just need an address and I shall pop it in the post. xx

  2. jafabrit Says:

    I envy you going to the Royal School of Needlework, in a good way. I saw your post on Mr.xstitch 🙂
    Since I am new to your blog you don’t sound like a broken record to moi, so I enjoyed exploring your blog.
    I just got back into embroidery after a 20 year hiatus, (been busy with kids, moving, art), and loving it.
    Good luck with the move and I hope to pop back here sometime.

  3. Kate Says:

    Since I blog stalked you today, when I saw this listing I thought of you

    Also, on a more selfish note, when you frame your xstitch etc in a proper frame, do you do anything fancy at the back? Or do you just cut it to size and pop it in the frame? I have a cross stitch on aida that I want to hang up and I am just not sure what to do with it.

    As for your earlier question on another post about framing in embroidery hoops, unless it’s going to be in and out all the time, I don’t see why you would muck around too much with finishing, especially on a thicker fabric like Aida that won’t ravel too much if you leave it alone.

  4. Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life Says:

    You are my embroidery hero! I stick with the neat and tidy cross stitch….

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