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September 6, 2009

This weekend I’ve been preparing for next week’s move to West Molesey for my studies at Royal School of Needlework. I’m really excited, I definitely need to get away from here, from these memories, and start afresh. It was pointed out to me today that I’ve become a broken record of late- I need new things to talk about.

I made a couple of cushions today. I seem to be unable of making things without decoration on, but lacking in time I had to root through my things and find stuff to use. I ended up finding two of my very earliest embroidery projects that had been done for fun and not for college work. One was unfinished, I finished it. One was intended to become a purse… A cushion’s second best, right? It was odd, finding things that there were three years old… and that I still liked. I didn’t do much ‘crafting for fun’ back then, so all my three year old work, in my mind, is AS Level work- and therefore a dreadful bore.

The first, an Art Buchwald quote rendered in pretty poor chain stitch:

The second, some sort of screaming face in chain and satin stitch?:

I remember finding the second one to be a mammoth task. I wasn’t as quick as I am now, I didn’t know as many tricks as I do now. I guess that’s why I left it unfinished (although all I left was a bit of the nose and the eyebrows) I remember watching The Crystal Maze while I did it… well the re-runs anyway, it’s not that old. It also has the tell tale signs of being an early Rosa embroidery of the lines being drawn on with biro before I stitched. Oh, the wonders of washaway embroidery pens!

They will sit proudly on my bed as a reminder of my beginnings. Never forget.