Everything is upside down

I am in Australia right now, Melbourne to be precise!

My sister has found a fellow to dote on her every whim and so is marrying him as quick as can be. He and his family are Melbourne residents so our English based family have just had our air mile saving hearts broken by flying half way around the world. Holidays are exciting though, so we’re all having a lovely time.

The beauty of Melbourne is it is so damn crafty. Firstly, my craftivist idol is based here- Rayna Fahey AKA Radical Cross Stitch. She also co-runs the Craft Cartel nights (I believe) and I was upset to learn that alas, there was not one on whilst I’m over here… but hopefully I can meet the woman behind the cross stitched fences all the same.

There’s also Meet Me at Mikes, which is a shop I’m hoping to go check out tomorrow. They had a Brown Owls craft night the day I arrived but 24 hour journeying makes Rosa a crabby human being so it was to the apartment and to bed with me.

When I return I will have stitchery for your eyes.


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