A while ago I sent this piece to Valued Sony Customer, a fellow Phat Quarter lassy.

It upsets me that in this day and age, to keep yourself natural is courage… but I feel that those amongst us who do, with their heads held high, ought to be commended for it all the same. This one’s for you, ladies.

To further illustrate my point, a couple of bits:

Firstly, one of my favourite pieces of feminist grafitti activism:


Secondly, a link to a frankly terrifying advert for a bikini trimmer and a very interesting thread of comments:


3 Responses to “Courage”

  1. Anushka Says:

    Dearie me, call me behind the times…I didn’t even realise that this was such an issue! How horrific! What’s the appeal about looking pre-pubescent ? ! Sex appeal or otherwise?
    I noticed similar attibutes on a painting of Venus, possibly by Cranach? It was one in the National Gallery in Edinbrugh, where Venus looks about 12 years old. Disgusting. What dirty old men they all were…


  2. mylittlestitches Says:

    Yes there’s an interesting history it all!

    I think back in the day, paintings from the middle ages and such it was an innocence thing. Children were the epitome of innocence, so people made themselves look that way to be desirable to suitors…(nobody wanted to marry a spoiled woman!) or at least so people in paintings look attractive. But even the males were lacking it in the paintings, so maybe it was just laze on the painters side?

    However the resurgence came about when a president put stricter laws on pornography, so the directors had to remove all barriers to make it easier for the goods to be spied quicker… and so the viewers of such films would think that’s what women ought to look like and suddenly it’s a fashionable thing to do.

    I can understand people who do it for pleasure, increasing sensitivity… but there’s no need to take the whole lot off because as you said, you’ll either look pre-pubescent, or as explained; a porn star.

    I consider it as a trophy that I got through and survived that horrible few years that was puberty. Never again.


  3. Virg Says:

    I was looking at the card and thought- how lovely a frond-ish black fuzzy flower and courage. That’s so sweet. And after getting through the post realized it was pubes. Which changes everything.

    Still lovely, but more awesome now.

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