Indie Tracks 2009

Whilst the manlier amongst us might go to Larmer Tree festival, cover themselves in mud and keep us all updated with pictures on their iPhone- My fun comes in the form of little festivals based on steam trains with farms nearby and twee indie pop bands playing in churches… Indietracks Indiepop Festival.

I took all my photographs on disposable cameras so you’ll have to wait a while for actual documentation of the extreme fun I had, but in the mean time, have a couple of snippets.

You remember when I told you about Eithne Farry? Well she was running a workshop there called ‘Hey Ho Let’s Sew’ to promote her new website (That I was unable to find… google search fail.) I of course went along ever so eagerly, and I ended up making this dainty little corsage:

I also got to meet her and I can now vouch that not only is she super talented but she’s also a lovely person. She has a new book out soon which I am very excited about indeed.

And finally, a little touch of what makes indietracks so unique and wonderful:

(I actually found that that was the friendliest donkey. Charlie the llama however – terrifying.)


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