They can take my blood but they’ll never take my Fiskars

I have in my head, an image of a perfect embroiderer. One who has reems and reems of threads and cotton and hoops and needles and books upon books of needlepoint. They have every possible accessory organised in the most perfect way.

I am the total opposite. I am a student without a student loan. So unbelievably poor. I get by on what I can. If I need something, I’ll buy it. I won’t buy it on the off chance that I might need it.

I’ve never bought threads in bulk. I don’t have a rainbow of every thread colour I might ever want, and I certainly don’t have those all in a lovely quality of DMC or Anchor… Most of mine are in ‘Venus’, 35p a skein, and you can certainly tell when using them to embroider.

This morning I went to buy myself two new skeins. One dark pink, and one to match a leaf from my garden. A one and a half hour roundtrip for a small amount of floss. Dedication.

I do have the odd prize possession. Amongst these, a washaway embroidery pen and wash away avalon film (which makes me choke… I much prefer the pen, but for precision it can’t be beat) but my favourite of them all- a pair of Fiskars Needlework Scissors.

I cannot begin to explain how completely amazingly useful these scissors are. My granny bought me a pair for Christmas 2007, for me to use them almost every day, until they disappeared. She bought me them again in 2008, and told me “I’m not buying them again!”

I’m really protective of these scissors. I once got in a small dispute over them when a girl from college asked to borrow them and fearing they’d be taken from me, I snapped “No because I’M USING THEM” I found this instantly hilarious, unfortunately she failed to see the funny side. There was bitching about me for sure that day. All for the love of fiskars.

This morning I had a blood test and they took so much blood I couldn’t believe it. I thought they were being greedy when filling up the first tube, four tubes later and I thought they might just be trying to kill me. Anyway, I’m still alive and am awaiting the results to see why I’m losing weight, why my toes are going numb and why I cannot sleep. Sigh.


4 Responses to “They can take my blood but they’ll never take my Fiskars”

  1. angharadjefferson Says:


    I applied and got a sponsorship from madera threads, and gutterman beads – it is worth calling them up and asking.

    made life a lot easier for me, I was so poor!


  2. mylittlestitches Says:

    Thankyou! I’ll look into it- you might have just saved my bacon.

  3. Dorien Says:

    And why is it then that I do see a box of rainbow colored floss that is making me jealous? 😉

  4. Fidget Says:

    Just wanted to say I understand your connection to your Fiskars; I feel the same way about my Dovos. Wishing you good fortune and happy, busy needles in the future.

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