Haven’t seen your face in a long time

So I’ve been absent. I’d explain, but once I start talking I can’t stop. So here’s my last embroidery series instead.

As Kurt Vonnegut once wisely said “A plausible mission of artists is to make people appreciate being alive at least a little bit.” So, for my last piece of work at Swindon College- I decided to attempt that.

I asked around for five little things that make life worth living. I came up with phonecalls from friends, the sound of nearby ice cream vans, fridge magnet letters, nice biscuits and warm, cozy, stripey socks.

I satin stitched a little picture of each item.

Before surrounding it with a little back stitched ditty, with cross stitch emphasis on words, to help the viewer read it how i’d like them to.

Then I blanket stitched it onto a kitschy homely/floral fabric background.

Then I mounted it in a tacky gold frame to finish the whole thing off.

I got a merit for the whole year, which whilst a little disappointing, is still something to be proud of… and now I’ve got the Royal School of Needlework to look forward to… and of course a life full of phonecalls from friends, sounds of nearby ice cream vans, warm socks, nice biscuits and fridge magnet letters. Bliss.

I won’t leave you without post for so long next time.


3 Responses to “Haven’t seen your face in a long time”

  1. rayna Says:

    If it was up to me I’d give you an A+! they’re awesome!

  2. holly Says:

    These are adorable, especially love the cross-stitchy words. i’m squeeing inside from cuteness and nostalgia. (:

  3. Anushka Says:

    Rosa I love this beyond compare
    Can I commission one from you? Or something?
    I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in ages. I’ve been away, and am going away again, soon. I just sent you a facebook thing but anyway let me know how you’ve been when you get a chance.
    Much love xox

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