You’re brilliant, gorgeous and ampersand after ampersand.


My best friend celebrated her birthday on the 11th May. Being tied down with college work (excuses, excuses) meant I couldn’t be there, so I was determined to make up for it now, a month later by embroidering all the four corners of a neckscarf for her with four of her top five favourite ampersands.


I found the neckscarf in Oxfam and thought instantly of her. I bought it for myself but couldn’t bear to keep such a Fuchsia-ey item.


I also made her a birthday cake with smarties in an ampersand formation stuck on top. That was attacked before we thought to take a photograph on our digital cameras. She snapped one on her disposable though.



3 Responses to “You’re brilliant, gorgeous and ampersand after ampersand.”

  1. Tommy Says:

    I love absolutely everything about this. x

    PS. Submit to the ‘&’ blog! —

  2. Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life Says:

    This is my favorite so far!

  3. Debe Says:

    I thought I was the only & fancier!!!! & )

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