My Blue Eyed Prince in his Stumpwork Crown

*Sigh* Is it awful to fall in love with one’s embroidered angel? I think I’m emotionally unstable enough to do such a thing right now.

stumpwork crown

I spotted him first in the Stained Glass at The University Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford. I took a quick sketch of his beautiful face, and later decided he will be my first stumpwork project.


I machine stitched his bountiful curls, back stitched his face (and his piercing blue eye) and then used a few basic stumpwork stitches to create his golden bejewelled crown.

I don’t think I’ll work with metallic thread again in a hurry. It nearly killed me, it’s especially unsuited to stumpwork. My advice is don’t even attempt to combine the two. I’m very upset that it doesn’t photograph well. In real life it’s stunning and shiny. Trust! Here, I’ll show you this blurry photograph so you don’t have to take my word for it:

The stumpwork itself was a dream, however time consuming it was. I will certainly be revisiting that.

I’ve popped him in my portfolio ready for my interview tomorrow for The Royal School of Needlework. Let’s just hope my interviewer is just as much of a wreck as I am and will fall for him also.


3 Responses to “My Blue Eyed Prince in his Stumpwork Crown”

  1. Alli Says:

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous. The stumpwork looks amazing – I really like the effect of the metalic floss. I’d say that the effort was well worth it.

    Best of luck with the interview!

  2. Aphie Says:

    A neat trick I heard of was to run the needle and metallic thread over/through a bar of beeswax, to make them ‘slide’ through the fabric better. 🙂

    [Hiya! Came here through Craftster, because your stumpwork is just so fabulous]

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