Paper and Twine

The only remotely creative thing I’ve finished* recently is today’s task of wrapping up presents for a friend. I told you it was remote. However, I do believe I’ve made it look in someway appealing so I’ve decided it constitutes a blog post.

By sheer coincidence, the three gifts I bought (since you ask- ‘You, The Living’ on DVD, ‘How to Be an Explorer of The World‘ and a small bit of injoke based stitchery) were all the same shape and each one was smaller than the next. They stacked up like a perfect pyramid.

I kept the wrapping simple, as I often do. Brown Paper (my favourite) and tied together with Twine. I was excited to find some farmyard stickers in the local haberdashery to decorate the simple parcels with.

(There’s also a rooster on the bottom layer)

And that papercut- such a beautiful thing, ey? Alas, not designed by me- such talents I can only dream of- but by Lisa Roberts at Little Acorn. And the pattern, free for download! As you can see, unsurprisingly hers is far better than mine. Not just in skill, but also the lucky lady has a pair of pinking shears to make the edges pretty.

If only all wrapping went this smoothly!

*I’ve an awful lot of works in progress going on… just none finished. 😦


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