A little monogram

For my friend’s birthday (which I think is today- Happy Birthday Hannah!) I made her this little monogram (although for the pedants out there, it’s actually a cipher) complete with a winged insect and the year of her birth (aren’t we young?!)

Hannah is a friend from my college course. She does illustration and does the most wonderful mixed media pieces which can be seen over on her flickr.

I took the pattern for the little critter from the extensive pattern selection on the Antique Pattern Library (which is my favourite internet discovery since I finally ventured over to ravelry) and this was in one of the ‘Alpahabet de la Brodeuse’ PDFs. The pattern for the numbers also came from that same PDF. Too lazy to look in others…

I searched for the pattern for the main font long and hard. It’s one of those that you see lots of cross stitchers using and want to do it for yourself, but don’t know where to look. Well, I found it right here and will return to it in the not so distant future I am sure.

Does anybody know how to frame cross stitch pieces in frames like that? (Or other frames) because I’m totally at a loss. I just cut around the outside which I am pretty much certain is the wrong thing to do. Anyone gasping at the thought of me being a philistine? Wanna help?


One Response to “A little monogram”

  1. claire Says:

    I just cut round the edges too like a philistine. You are apparently supposed to do some sort of drawing in stitching all the way round, pull it tight and cover it with cardboard… LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

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