A Love Story


I am slowly developing a disturbing fascination, adoration and total obsession. Most girls my age love two things: Shoes and Johnny Depp. I, however have set my sights elsewhere. I love eggs. I’m not talking about eating them, they’re not so special- although they do help cakes along somewhat. I just love how they look and what they are and how they feel and their perfect weight sitting in your hand. They are utterly delightful.

I’ve been harbouring this love for a while, not wanting to spill- but yesterday I bought a box of eggs from Sainsburys and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. These eggs are totally beautiful. They’re Clarence Court’s Burford Browns. And boy, are they ever brown.

clarence court

I picked them up because they were free range, and then when I opened up the box and saw the little crown stamp each egg displays proudly I popped them into my basket instantly. It wasn’t till I opened them up this morning to make a cake that I suddenly realised the quality of the eggs themselves.

And the yolk! Oh the yolk. Such a very deep orange colour. I popped one into my cake batter, which at that point was a virginal white- and after a few mixes it became a pastel orange. I’ve never noticed eggs depart their colour in that way.

Now, all this egg-love is leading somewhere, don’t worry. It’s not just an egg review. It brings me to a project I completed a long time ago now- in late September/October I think. It was for our two week introduction to textiles at Swindon College, which is not an experience I’d gladly repeat. We were asked to bring in a vessel that we found interesting as a starting point. So I bought an egg in. We then had to incorporate another vessel into it, and create a textile version of it. And so.

An egg box with an embroidered hand made felt label, stating “Four Free Range Embryos.”

That’s not it.

Four little felt eggs nestled inside… with a decoration?

A decoration indeed. Embroidered with one strand of DMC in a chain stitch onto each egg is a foetus. This one’s an elephant.

This one’s a bird (you’ve got to trust me on this one. That’s what the science books say they look like…)

A frog spawn (Cop out, I know…)

And lastly, a carelessly unstranded human foetus. I’m planning on redoing this one, maybe.

It ended up being a total waste of time. We didn’t get marked on it properly and I didn’t need to prove myself to get into textiles. I could’ve done hardly anything and waltzed in (not because I’m super talented, but because nobody cared.) Although, it is proving to excite a few university people at interviews- so maybe it hasn’t been a total waste of time?

Anyway. Eggs. Yeah. Eggs.


One Response to “A Love Story”

  1. Roger Says:

    You. Need. Chooks.

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