Wings of Desire

Has anybody seen that film? It’s based in Berlin and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s about angels watching over people and making them feel better when they’re down. I found myself, whilst in Berlin, looking out for the things that were in the film. Every so often I’d gasp and be filled with glee at the sight of it, and remember that there were angels all around me*, and I’d feel quite content.

For example, this section of the Berlin Wall was in the film:

I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but a person in the film who was suddenly able to see colour for the first time, stopped a stranger and asked what colour bits of the wall were.

Now, you’re going to have to squint here, but can you see that small line inbetween the aisle of trees at the end?

Well, it’s the Berlin Victory Column. I couldn’t quite face walking there in the cold, rain and little time I had, which is why the photograph merely hints at it. In the film it’s where an angel sits atop and looks down at Berlin.

For the week, we’d been set a little postcard project, whereby we just had to make a little postcard. Simple as that, no sketchbooks (although, because I’m a geek I did one anyway). I decided to make mine based on my personal experience with Berlin, where I walked around on my own and dreamt of Wings of Desire. So I did a drawing of myself, with angels wings. I then padded it out with a white rose and some dome tops. But then I decided that it needed some text. I thought about “Ich Bin Eine Berliner” but eventually settled on “Ich Bin Eine Kind” Or, “I am a child” in reference to the poem used throughout the film, ‘Song of Childhood’ by Peter Handke. Because I did, I felt exactly like a child, lost and in awe of everything there. I then made a stupid decision to do a woodblock print of the postcard, rather than just draw it on. What an absolute trial.

At least it looks nice.


One Response to “Wings of Desire”

  1. Alli Says:

    Wow, your postcard is gorgeous. I have seen the movie, and loved it as well. Beautiful film.

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