Viva La Vulva!

I wasn’t going to show this off here due to the whole twee reason I gave last post, but I’m quite proud of it so I can hardly help it.

I’m not going to explain it, partly because I can barely remember the reason for reaching this point but I embroidered a labia.

This was successful, to the point of Mr X Stitch choosing it for his craftster pick of the week... shucks!

Then I decided to make a fabric banner/flag/thing embroidered with that wonderful slogan “viva la vulva!” and I used this wonderful font free from allsorts. It took a long time but now I’ve got another thing to put in my portfolio. Yay!

I also experimented with some tinting… which I can’t say I’d do again.

I’ve got plenty more to do for my portfolio before rest comes… so you can look forward to that. In the meantime, there’s a new theme over at Tie One On!


5 Responses to “Viva La Vulva!”

  1. mrxstitch Says:

    It had to be done! 🙂

  2. Becky Knight Says:

    I absolutely love this!!!! I am a sexuality educator and coach and this month my women’s class was called “Viva la Vulva!”

    Maybe I’ll need you to make one for all of my girls!

    – Becky Knight MPH

  3. Sarah Barnes Says:

    This is great!

    Slightly related (or maybe not, but bear with me)… Every day I walk to work past a giant graffiti’d penis scrawled in yellow spray paint on the pavement – and it get’s me thinking; ‘Why aren’t there more Vulvas scribbled everywhere, like there are penises?’.

    I mean, there are certainly quite a few men who are drawing cocks (in toilet cubicles, on bus shelters, wherever) in that juvenile ‘yay cocks!’ manner, but where are the women going ‘yay vulvas!’

    Perhaps I shall have to start the trend…

    • rugosa Says:

      There’s a pub on Commercial Road, east London called The George Tavern, and the plaster on the toilets ALWAYS reminds me of vulvas. Next time I go I’ll take a pen with me and make sure it reminds everyone else of vulvas too. Courtesy of Sarah Barnes, ha.

  4. Rochus Gratzfeld Says:


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