All quiet on the posting front

At the moment I’m undergoing the grueling process of applying for art universities. This means I am doing sewing work constantly, and therefore have no time for making things for my little blog. On this blog I like to think I come across as cutesy and sweet. In my work at college I have no time for such tweeness and make extremely different things. I embroider embryos onto felt eggs, screenprint faces of dead racist politicians and decorate pigs trotters.

Last week I went with the college to Berlin. For your viewing pleasure, here are some photographs taken on extremely cheap disposable cameras:

I’ll be back soon, with any luck.


One Response to “All quiet on the posting front”

  1. byanushka Says:

    oh wow, i’ve always wanted to go to berlin!
    your college work sounds really interesting, as always dear.
    i’m so, so happy that my application process is over – for ever, unless i decide to do a postgrad (harhar) – !
    hope things are going well for you… 🙂

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