With friends like these, who needs anything else?

So, my birthday was quite a while ago now… And I’ve finally got around to being grateful for all my presents. My friends were feeling very generous this year, I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve all of this, but here are some (craft based) highlights:


An Amigurumi book, a Bake sale book, a Santogold album and some Nerds (yes, I have eaten one packet) from my ex-boyfriend.

knitted mouse
A little knitted mouse (along with a teacup which I’ve shown you before). I’ve turned the mouse into a brooch and I’ve been having fun acting out The Tailor of Gloucester with the two of them. A friend from college gave me these.

rosa bag

A nice big bag I can fit my sketchbook into, with my name appliqued on! From another friend from college.

And here’s the biggest surprise, a little package from Nushy! I wasn’t aware she even had my address!


She sent me a book on Quilting by Moyra McNeill. I love the cover illustration… that’s exactly what textile arts is like nowadays isn’t it? Art Deco style trees arranged awfully with little delicate machine zig zag stitching. So wonderfully kitsch and fuddy duddy. You can learn a lot from those wonderful quilting old women. I look forward to reading through and applying it to my own special style.

Whilst we’re on the subject of my own special style and textile arts… Remember that disasterous interview I had last week? Well it can’t have been that bad because I got an unconditional offer from them. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m pretty gosh darn happy about it.


One Response to “With friends like these, who needs anything else?”

  1. byanushka Says:

    haha, that’s what’s known as stealth!
    SUCH fantastic news about the offer!! well done and congratulations!!!
    Sorry I never got back to your very sweet thank-you note, so I’ll say You’re Welcome now, i hope you enjoy it 🙂 And what a great stack of presents. The mouse as a badge especially is an adorable idea.
    have a good rest-of-the-week xo

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