Applying for art schools is a funny old practice. Firstly you have to go to several open days across the country, view all the equipment, read all course outlines… Then you have to write a pretentious, self loving personal statement saying how brilliant you are. Next you have to divide five university choices between two bizarre things called ‘routes’. Once you’ve paid (yes! Paid!) it’s a waiting game to see who’ll offer you portfolio viewings. If you’re lucky enough to get one, you have to fill an expensive leather portfolio with drawings of naked people and other examples of your style. Then, should they like it they’ll give you an offer- either unconditional, or they’ll demand you have to gain a pass/merit/distinction on your Foundation Art year. Then you decide based on your offers which one you go for, the unconditional university which seemed a bit rubbish? Or the one demanding a distinction which seemed amazing? It’s an uncertain time, for sure.

I just managed to bypass half of that. Leeds University have offered me an unconditional place on their textile design course, sans portfolio viewing. They required only good A Level grades, which I got in the summer, and are now letting me come do this with them:
PDF of Textile Design Brochure

Hooray for Leeds University School of Design!


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