Finally stitching again

So, college has been mad. Ucas (uni applications) are mad things. Deadlines are mad things. Projects about immigration into britain are mad things (so I guess that’s my own fault for choosing it…), but it’s mostly over now.

I’ve finally been able to do some ‘me’ stitching again. Although, as usual, it’s for someone else. Someone else who adds to the hecticness of my life and the increasing difficulty in making blog posts. But, he makes it kinda fun. So I made him a mix CD. And the most important part of the mix CD? The cover.

Machine embroidery and hand embroidery on calico. I lined it with a shirting fabric that I stole from some fabric bins at college, but I forgot to get a snap of that. Just imagine a nice blue and white stripey fabric. The duffel is because we both wear duffel coats and it’s cute. And the cassette, well that’s just because I miss mixtapes.

I tried out my new fabric pen on the back, for the tracklisting.


Is two Geraldo tracks too many?

Also, because that doesn’t count as a Christmas present, and because he unexpectedly bought me on (Tsk!) I did a ‘quick’ knitting project for him.


It’s not just maroon and cream, it’s also got some navy blue and some black in there.

And the stitching pattern is pretty hot, right? It’s just stockinette stitch with some YOs passed over.

It’s the Boombah Scarf which is a free pattern on Ravelry.

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