Back stitch, hoorah!

So, a while ago I couldn’t do backstitch. Or, I could about figure it out in my head- but it seemed like a total waste of thread, and doing two rounds of running stitch would work just as well- surely?

But, being ever the lemming, I’ve taken to it like a duck takes to water.

So today, we’re in Textiles and Jenni announces our task for the day is to make a needle case. I just about fell off my seat in horror, as did everyone else. We’ve all got far too much work to do to be bothering with needle cases. She said she wanted us to make them so we could demonstrate our handling of hand stitching- then why not just ask us to design a piece of hand embroidery for her? Still, I think the task was nonsensical (and even worse- she said once we’d finished, we could make a hat for our thimbles- what?!) but I’m not going to deny I had fun. I did a quick little back stitched bow, before putting a ‘B’ on the top and then blanket stitching the front piece to a back piece to hide the stitches, then sewing on the insert. I think it quite darling- although still, a total waste of time.



One Response to “Back stitch, hoorah!”

  1. byanushka Says:

    It really is darling, but now you can do it! So not a waste of time at all!
    A thimble hat though…that’s another case entirely…
    I dropped mine down the side of my desk and it’s irretrievable. 😦
    So anyway, now you’ve made a practice needle book, you can make me a really nice one with multiple pages, right? 😀

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