My week in quick sketches

First of all, drew a fat women doing her best to look intellectual… whilst reading Pick Me Up Magazine.

Woman on train

Secondly, realised I enjoyed drawing pictures of various strangers on trains, so did s’more.

Two men

(The man in the bottom right was asleep and moving his head around more than necessary. Also my drawing was totally in his eyesight should he have awoken, and there were a couple of chinese people sitting to my right who were nudging one another, pointing at my sketchbook, grinning at me and putting their thumbs up, then gesturing towards themselves, as though suggesting I drew them… But! I do love how it came out.)

Thirdly, broke up with my boyfriend, listened to The Supremes a lot, so I drew them too.

Nathan Jones

Apologies to The Supremes… You are not that ugly.


One Response to “My week in quick sketches”

  1. byanushka Says:

    I adore that drawing of the supremes! It screams “blow me up and make me into a wall mural” to me!
    I’m also quite impressed at your stealthy drawing of people on trains. I always want to but manage only people when they are asleep, and even then have to be so jumpy and hide quickly/act nonchalant and hold sketchbook to chest when they suddenly open their eyes. When I was coming back from Edinburgh in Februrary I say opposite a Beautiful Man. I drew him…somewhere.
    I have also just replied to your e-mail. And now I begin to make patterns for skirt waistbands in earnest (she says).
    Many hugs to you.

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