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Daring Bakers- Caramel Cake

November 29, 2008

Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.
Shuna Fish Lydon– thankyou. Thankyou ever so much. This is what I came for- ridiculously sweet cake that I’d never think to make unless someone asked me to. And you, you wrote this recipe… and Dolores, Alex, and Jenny, made everyone make it.

And what a mouthful it was. Probably a little too sweet for me, but addictive regardless. Caramel Cake.

caramel cake


Back stitch, hoorah!

November 25, 2008

So, a while ago I couldn’t do backstitch. Or, I could about figure it out in my head- but it seemed like a total waste of thread, and doing two rounds of running stitch would work just as well- surely?

But, being ever the lemming, I’ve taken to it like a duck takes to water.

So today, we’re in Textiles and Jenni announces our task for the day is to make a needle case. I just about fell off my seat in horror, as did everyone else. We’ve all got far too much work to do to be bothering with needle cases. She said she wanted us to make them so we could demonstrate our handling of hand stitching- then why not just ask us to design a piece of hand embroidery for her? Still, I think the task was nonsensical (and even worse- she said once we’d finished, we could make a hat for our thimbles- what?!) but I’m not going to deny I had fun. I did a quick little back stitched bow, before putting a ‘B’ on the top and then blanket stitching the front piece to a back piece to hide the stitches, then sewing on the insert. I think it quite darling- although still, a total waste of time.


Community Projects

November 24, 2008

I often wonder what it is about textiles that makes me feel so gosh darn excited. I think one of the many reasons is the community aspect to it, everyone joining in together.

gas station

Photo by beiji99 on Flickr.

And so today I just about fainted when I discovered that the very famous gas station project is entering into phase 2, so to speak… The Tree Project focuses on the theme of Interdependence and asks people to send in little textile leaves. So up my street!


November 23, 2008

Today I decided to watch The Elephant Man and make myself a little ami elephant.


Originally, the elephant was supposed to be for a friend. But how could I give it away? And when my father saw it, he exclaimed “Eeeh, a little trunky! A mascot for when we’re playing Trunky.” My mother then explained that ‘Trunky’ was a card game he played as a child and had spent the weekend trying to remember the rules of.

It’s been a long time since I indulged my need for amigurumi. I think it could well have been a year! Back when I made my then Beau a little triceratops for Christmas. His legs were wonky (in true ami style) and he sits like a tripod atop ex-Beau’s television. Once again, Trunky is far from perfect and he appears to lie on his belly, rather than be supported by his legs.

But- we love him anyway.

The pattern for trunky is from Roman Sock’s Instant Crochetification.

Ah, machine embroidery…

November 9, 2008

How I have missed you!

enoch powell

enoch powell back

enoch powell

Let’s all guess my textiles project?

My week in quick sketches

November 4, 2008

First of all, drew a fat women doing her best to look intellectual… whilst reading Pick Me Up Magazine.

Woman on train

Secondly, realised I enjoyed drawing pictures of various strangers on trains, so did s’more.

Two men

(The man in the bottom right was asleep and moving his head around more than necessary. Also my drawing was totally in his eyesight should he have awoken, and there were a couple of chinese people sitting to my right who were nudging one another, pointing at my sketchbook, grinning at me and putting their thumbs up, then gesturing towards themselves, as though suggesting I drew them… But! I do love how it came out.)

Thirdly, broke up with my boyfriend, listened to The Supremes a lot, so I drew them too.

Nathan Jones

Apologies to The Supremes… You are not that ugly.