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Daring Bakers- Pizza!

October 30, 2008

Ok, so this post is lacking something quite important: photographs.

I  could give you a (made up) story of how, woe is me! my camera broke! Or I could just tell you that actually I ate said pizza before any photographs could be taken. My bad. (It was a chicken alfredo, by the way. Oh yes.)

I would have undertaken the challenge again, if it wasn’t for going temporarily vegan half way through the month and I just couldn’t face pizza without cheese yet, plus I was super busy with open days and deadlines and so on and so forth.

I was going to do some drawings of the pizza- but, I’m sure you can guess how they’d go, and as stated above, still rly busy.

It was nice… but it didn’t convince me enough not to just buy a ready made pizza mix, or follow the recipe i’ve already got in my breadmachine.

Also. Didn’t learn how to do the spinny base thing like suggested. Too lazy.


Productive Day.

October 24, 2008

Today I taught a house bound friend to knit and I put an extra hole in my nose.

septum fun

It’s been a productive day.

So, it’s not so bad.

October 21, 2008

By now, you’ve probably got the impression that I hate college. And I don’t blame you. I’ve mentioned it a few times, and have not reported anything positive about the place since I joined in early september.

Well, I am pleased to report that that’s all changed. I’m not going to say it’s perfect- far from it. But I’ve started to enjoy my time there. I’m getting along with my art peers, my art teachers and I’ve even developed a soft spot for the vice principal of the entire college- who’d have thought it? The Dinner Ladies have a certain charm about them, as I’m sure all dinner ladies do- but a couple here seem particuarly wonderful.

It has been hard going. Long hours, long lessons and a lot of adjusting- but the initial ‘try everything out’ six weeks are up, and I’ve just had my assessment. I’m now going to be studying just Textiles and Illustration, and I’m super excited about it.

I’m afraid that I’ve got no photographs of my final textiles two week introduction piece, which was praised by my two teachers in my assessment this morning. It’s going in a display cabinet soon I think, so I’ll hopefully get a snap of that.

It involved lots of this. And that’s the only clue you’re getting for now.

felting fun

This is just some of the work I spent the past six weeks doing. I apologise for the quiet that this brought about on this little blog here, but you try doing all that while you’re at college and then come home and make extra stuff.



colligraph suicide

colligraph foetus

Oh yeah, and drawing’s not so bad.

Petty Perfectionism

October 7, 2008

I kill myself sometimes. I just can’t help it- if I do something for someone else, it has to be the absolute best I can do. It has to be original and exciting and everything has to fit together. It is for this reason that I should definitely not ever undertake big projects. But I do.

My Beau is a self confessed computer nerd. He loves it all, but especially retro arcade games. And his favourite? Pac-man. So I think “Hey! Y’know what? I could make him a pac-man quilt. He’d love that.” And I mill the idea over for a while- thinking of the ways to do it, but I mill it for too long.. and suddenly I notice this is far from an original idea. There are pac-man quilts all over craftster. Gutted, I think of a way to make it exciting, make it my own. And boy, I wish I’d never come up with one. But I did. Why not make it so you can move the characters around- like a real pacman game? I’ll tell you why not. Because this takes forever. Because this is impossible. Because sewing on that many buttons is enough to drive anyone mad. Because finding a place that can sell you 80+ of the perfect kind of buttons is impossible, so you have to make your own out of fimo, only the shop doesn’t have enough yellow fimo so you have to buy super sculpey and paint them all. Because all those materials and threads and notions soon chalk up a huge bill. But, I love punishment, and I love my Beau. So I did it anyway.

Here’s a poor quality full on snap of said quilt

pacman quilt

And some deets.


pacman felt toys

pacman dead ghosts

But, he loved it. And he was worth it. And I guess I kind of feel proud of myself.

We made a gif of it in game form this weekend.