Daring Bakers- Lavash Crackers

This months’ daring bakers challenge was hosted by alternative bakers Shellyfish and Natalie. Shel is vegan, Natalie has a gluten free diet. We had to make Lavash crackers, we were given two recipes- one for gluten free, and one non gluten free, and we also had to make a vegan dip to go with our crackers.

My bank balance breathed a sigh of relief when it saw the ingredients list. Everything was a cupboard staple. No extra buying! And I thought last month’s eclairs were cheap, this was virtually free. That wasn’t the only thing that was happy with the challenge- so was my diary. The recipe appeared lovely and simple, nothing that I’d have to spend too much time on. And what else? No possible use for a Kitchen appliance. Just a bowl and my hands. (Well, also the oven and some cups and things… if we’re going to get pinickity)

I’ve told a lie. I spent some money on the toppings. £1 for 60g of seeds- 30g Poppy seeds, 30g Fennel seeds. I also spent a small amount on red onions for my red onion jam dip. But I think I can stretch to that ok.

This month I made the challenge with my Beau, as opposed to my baking partner Tilly. She was too busy, but Beau was super pumped to be joing in, and I was happy to leave him to the kneading, giggle.



Excited for the next one!


2 Responses to “Daring Bakers- Lavash Crackers”

  1. JennyBakes Says:

    I bet red onion jam would be spectacular with this, and your lavash looks great.

  2. fengho Says:

    These look delicious! I completely agree with you, what a relief not to have to source expensive & exotic ingredients!

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