Swindon College has broken me.

I’m trying my very hardest to keep my sadness about my college to myself but it’s so impossible. It’s even more impossible for here. In a perfect world I’d be showing you my lovely little crafting projects that I do to fill my world with happiness and light. In truth, I come home from college and I’m so fatigued and cold that I can do very little but watch television and mope about.

It’s upsetting because I’m supposed to be a happy person, but recently I’ve just had people telling me how miserable I look. I am hardly surprised.

To mask my growing resentment for the prison I must drudge to everyday, here’s a picture of a strawberry barfi that I devoured at the weekend.

It was delicious. Yesterday I had a brown one with a swirl on top. I was upset to find it was orange flavoured. It was still adorable though.


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