Gingham hearts

The wonderful Amy of Angry Chicken blog hosts a group, similar to the Daring Bakers- who every so often make aprons. Amy chooses a theme, and everbody crafts their apron accordingly. The first theme that I was able to join in with was ‘Gingham Summer’. And boy, was I glad. I love gingham. Red and white gingham especially*. Red and white gingham aprons even more.

Amy brought to my attention a needlecraft I’d never heard of before- chicken scratch embroidery. It’s time consuming- it has to be thought out and planned- it’s frustrating- but it’s completely and utterly wonderful.

I researched previous Tie One On themes in the flickr sets before designing my apron.

I was inspired by those beautiful ruffle aprons, and the wonderful heart shaped bodices in other aprons too. And so I guess mine is some form of hybrid between the two.

I feel I should apologise for the shoddy photograph. I wanted to show off the bodice in greater detail, but I thought we were only allowed one snap- so I stuck the two together. Also, it wasn’t my day looks wise. I’ll see about getting you an even closer picture of the chicken scratch on the bodice- but I’ll have to do that another time.

I’m sad to report that that’s the last theme for a while. I was looking forward to a shiny new apron.

*looking through my posts I realised every other post contains red and white gingham. I didn’t realise until now how this obsession has totally taken over my life. I must try and cut down.


One Response to “Gingham hearts”

  1. Anushka Says:

    This is a completely fantastic apron!
    however it only adds to my personal dislike to aprons, because i always think that they are actually fabulous dresses, but then they go and DECEIVE ME and turn out to have nothing but a bow in the back.
    What I’m trying to say is, it’s a completely fantastic apron, but would make an even more fantabulous dress. One of these days I’ll attempt it…

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