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Daring Bakers- Lavash Crackers

September 27, 2008

This months’ daring bakers challenge was hosted by alternative bakers Shellyfish and Natalie. Shel is vegan, Natalie has a gluten free diet. We had to make Lavash crackers, we were given two recipes- one for gluten free, and one non gluten free, and we also had to make a vegan dip to go with our crackers.

My bank balance breathed a sigh of relief when it saw the ingredients list. Everything was a cupboard staple. No extra buying! And I thought last month’s eclairs were cheap, this was virtually free. That wasn’t the only thing that was happy with the challenge- so was my diary. The recipe appeared lovely and simple, nothing that I’d have to spend too much time on. And what else? No possible use for a Kitchen appliance. Just a bowl and my hands. (Well, also the oven and some cups and things… if we’re going to get pinickity)

I’ve told a lie. I spent some money on the toppings. £1 for 60g of seeds- 30g Poppy seeds, 30g Fennel seeds. I also spent a small amount on red onions for my red onion jam dip. But I think I can stretch to that ok.

This month I made the challenge with my Beau, as opposed to my baking partner Tilly. She was too busy, but Beau was super pumped to be joing in, and I was happy to leave him to the kneading, giggle.



Excited for the next one!


Happier Now

September 27, 2008

I’ve always believed that a positive mindframe can make any situation bearable. Although, I will now admit it’s not as easy as it sounds- it is possible. I’m smiling again, almost as if I’m back at New College, but I’m not, I’m still in Swindon. Still in the same old situation I was when I proclaimed I was broken and I was desperately searching the internet for other options, but this time round I’ve got a smile on my face. Why? Because I decided I needed one.

To mark the new me, I got myself a new haircut.

(I’m still camera shy though.)

The beady eyed amongst you might spot my ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ pendant which my sister gifted to me at a very apt time, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Swindon College has broken me.

September 23, 2008

I’m trying my very hardest to keep my sadness about my college to myself but it’s so impossible. It’s even more impossible for here. In a perfect world I’d be showing you my lovely little crafting projects that I do to fill my world with happiness and light. In truth, I come home from college and I’m so fatigued and cold that I can do very little but watch television and mope about.

It’s upsetting because I’m supposed to be a happy person, but recently I’ve just had people telling me how miserable I look. I am hardly surprised.

To mask my growing resentment for the prison I must drudge to everyday, here’s a picture of a strawberry barfi that I devoured at the weekend.

It was delicious. Yesterday I had a brown one with a swirl on top. I was upset to find it was orange flavoured. It was still adorable though.


September 14, 2008

Ok, so it’s 2:12am and I’m shattered. I’ve been trying to sleep for the past two hours. I can’t do it.
About twenty minutes ago I thought about ghosts. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. I just thought briefly about a ghost. And now I’ve got the willies. I don’t want to turn out the light in case the ghosts get me (!) but I can’t sleep with it on. I realise I’m being totally ridiculous, but I’m home alone and I’ve got the whole “If I scream, no-one’ll come and help me” mentality going on. I’m thinking about writing a story or drawing some pictures. But right now I’m just drinking an ovaltine and looking at cute pictures of ghosts, and hoping these are the sort that’ll ‘get me’. (aww!)


Picture source

Gingham hearts

September 13, 2008

The wonderful Amy of Angry Chicken blog hosts a group, similar to the Daring Bakers- who every so often make aprons. Amy chooses a theme, and everbody crafts their apron accordingly. The first theme that I was able to join in with was ‘Gingham Summer’. And boy, was I glad. I love gingham. Red and white gingham especially*. Red and white gingham aprons even more.

Amy brought to my attention a needlecraft I’d never heard of before- chicken scratch embroidery. It’s time consuming- it has to be thought out and planned- it’s frustrating- but it’s completely and utterly wonderful.

I researched previous Tie One On themes in the flickr sets before designing my apron.

I was inspired by those beautiful ruffle aprons, and the wonderful heart shaped bodices in other aprons too. And so I guess mine is some form of hybrid between the two.

I feel I should apologise for the shoddy photograph. I wanted to show off the bodice in greater detail, but I thought we were only allowed one snap- so I stuck the two together. Also, it wasn’t my day looks wise. I’ll see about getting you an even closer picture of the chicken scratch on the bodice- but I’ll have to do that another time.

I’m sad to report that that’s the last theme for a while. I was looking forward to a shiny new apron.

*looking through my posts I realised every other post contains red and white gingham. I didn’t realise until now how this obsession has totally taken over my life. I must try and cut down.


September 9, 2008

I don’t like college. This is what I drew at college today.

wooden horse

I don’t much like drawing.

Craftster Challenge #30 Cozies with irony

September 9, 2008

I wasn’t going to join in. I hate irony. I love cozies. It wasn’t for me. But then I made a cosy, and thought “why on earth not?”. I knew I wasn’t going to win so I’m pretty smobbed with my four votes! (three, if you don’t count the one I placed… ahem.)

It’s for my shiny new laptop.

It’s lined with gingham, and uses a beautiful elephant ribbon I got in return for a swap package.

elephant ribbon


Exciting times. Smile.

A new friend, an old record.

September 2, 2008