Think Happy Thoughts & Smile

I made myself a new skirt- A new high waisted pinafore skirt, to be precise.
I used the A line skirt pattern from Eithne Farry’s book ‘Yeah, I made it myself”, only I modded it quite a bit. I made it high waisted, and I made it a good deal shorter too (because I’m like that). I also added some straps that were rather embarrassingly inspired by ‘Didge’ from Neighbours. Oh yeah, she’s my style icon.


It looks rather unassuming from the front, granted. But I like to think the back’s quite special.

pinafore skirt backview

I realise you probably can’t read the embroidery on the pockets. And since I spent so long on it, I’m going to give you some close ups, just so you can. Although, I really think I ought to be hiding my machine stitching…

Think happy thoughts & smile.

I got a lot of inspiration for this skirt from different places. The shape from Didge Parker, the pattern from Eithne Farry, but also I got the ‘think happy thoughts’ from a kid’s t-shirt. It was in the ‘Frankie Say Relax’ style- but it certainly made my day. I couldn’t evenly distribute ‘think happy thoughts’ onto two pockets, so I had to add something else. I included the ampersand, thanks to The Ampersand Blog, and I thought ‘smile’ just fit right in.

(Oh yeah- and I will wear tights with it when I wear it on excursions. It’s a bit scandalous without, I realise.)


2 Responses to “Think Happy Thoughts & Smile”

  1. Anushka Says:

    your skirt is cute, although i love the t-shirt too – and woah, your embroidery gets more and more impressive!
    by the bye, thanks for reminding me about the sweetheart hat – i got my arse into gear and wrote & graded the pattern, all it needs now are photographs, hoorah!

  2. Indie Tracks 2009 « My Little Stitches Says:

    […] You remember when I told you about Eithne Farry? Well she was running a workshop there called ‘Hey Ho Let’s Sew’ to promote her new website (That I was unable to find… google search fail.) I of course went along ever so eagerly, and I ended up making this dainty little corsage: […]

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