Truck Festival

Ok, So I mentioned it in the last post, how could I not actually tell you about it?

Fuchsia and I (slaves to our digital cameras) decided to leave them behind and take disposable beauties. £9.99 for two, plus free processing and a CD of images. When we bought them, we were asked what colour camera we wanted. We asked the choices, and to our pleasure, we heard “Silver, Pink or Black With Handbags.” Being a lover of all things god awfully tacky, my choice was of course Black with Handbags. Fuchsia went for the second most tacky.

Here is the pink, as taken by Black With Handbags

And here’s Black with Handbags, as taken by Pink

I’m going to do a synopsis, as anything more would kill me. I have an apple tart waiting to be eaten and typing is not top of my priorities right now.

Fuchsia and Honor on the train to Didcot:

Having cow pats thrown at me by Jim:

“What’s the fuss? It’s just grass!”
“Grass and POO, Jim!”

Giant inflatable globes

Tom Whyman’s dancing

Candy Floss (And that’s my lemon sherbet dress)

Piney Gir’s set (complete with Bumble Bee)

Finding Marple Man, last thing on Sunday Night

And finally, leaving 😦

And, in non Disposable Camera news, Fuchsia, Honor and I purchased Nuts Magazine from London Paddington Station the night before. Partly by way of an ironic feminist statement, partly for curiosity, mostly for entertainment. We brought it to Truck and the boys shouted at us, lest someone think that Nuts magazine belongs to them, and they look like genuine perverts. Before long however, we were all engrossed in the truly awful format of such a terrible magazine. There were tears of laughter amidst the tales of girls jumping into bed naked with one another, and the TV times which told us to ‘give it a miss’ if it was too intellectual for the average Nuts readers’ brain. I strongly suggest a read, at least once. (If at all possible, borrow someone else’s. You don’t want to feed into the industry.)

Also, there was facepaint. Lots and lots of facepaint.

See you next year!


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