Posting as normal

I’m going to attempt to bring this back around to a crafting blog now, and show you what I’ve been up to. As I said, I’ve got a whole load of Works in Progress going on. But I have finished a couple of things!

Firstly, I finished this bag in time for my London visit last weekend.

I used fabric that I had patterned for the surface patterns project in my A Level Textiles. It’s a hand illustration of the Santa Maria Novella, times by four, surrounded by a cross and then screen printed across some calico. It’s quite simple but I quite like it.
I also used some cheap upholstering fabric. I’m calling it linen, even though it isn’t. I just like to pretend to myself that it is. I bought it super cheap from a new second hand shop in Old Town. The woman took a shine to my very small waist (I was as confused as you are) and gave it to me at a cut price.

I used a pattern called ‘Sepp the bag’ that mmmunki on Flickr was kind enough to send to me for free. This is one of her Sepp the Bags.

I did it quickly, and as a result there is fraying and hand stitching to hold in some fraying. I quite like it though. Rustic?

I also made an apple tart today, going for the rustic look again.

There’s a layer of toffee, then a layer of mushy apple, then a thin, sprinkled layer of lemon zest, before the top layer you see of sliced apple.

I need to do some work on my food photography, but first, I need to devour it.


3 Responses to “Posting as normal”

  1. Anushka Says:

    hello! looks like you had a fun time in london, sorry that i couldn’t join you but as i said in my last e-mail, please let me know when you decide to make the trip over again and we can go for cake. and, you know. i can show you my favourite haunts. (you’ll have noticed, by now, a correlation between “let’s meet up!” and “i shall eat cake with you”. this cake-craving is induced by the fact that one of my friends is allergic to gluten, and seeing as we hang out a lot, for fear of offending her/making her supremely jealous, i lead a sadly cake-deprived life.)
    i really like your bag. and the dress you got! must resist urge to go shopping there again…
    if you want to catch an arthouse film at the curzon cinema, next time you’re in london and not afraid to meet a cake-craving maniac, the cafe at the curzon in soho serves the most amazing cakes, including one called Lemon Chiffon Cake!

  2. Shivi Says:

    i recognise that button, you used the same one on my apron! 😀

  3. Arlene Says:

    Happy to find your blog. I’m a quilter who adores cooking. I’m going to peruse past posts now!

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