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Hello, stranger

July 15, 2008

It’s been a while. I’ve had a busy while, in all fairness. But not busy enough to forget about you.

I’ve got some pretty pictures for you though, I hope they help you forgive me.

This is a dress I made for my Textiles Unit 6. I got 56/60. That’s an A.

It’s a costume for Mae Rose Cottage from Under Milkwood. The skirt part is quilted, like she’s sleeping in a bed. It’s based loosely on Sweet Lolita style.

There’s a big cushioned bow at the back, and on my head.

The edges are scalloped, the bodice has pink tucks, and the sleeves are princess.

It’s fuller than full. It took forever to make, quilt, crochet, structure, sew. And now it’s doing nothing but lying in the corner of my bedroom. It’s a sad life.