Promises, promises

Ok, so I know you couldn’t sleep overnight, just getting excited about this post, right? Well, I’d never let you down. Here she is, in all her curtained beauty:

It’s silly, you make yourself a classy looking cape from a brocade curtain, granted you picked it up in a bargain bin for £2, but still. There’s class. All the while you make it, you dream of wearing it to the opera, and taking along some binoculars on a stick and feeling like a real lady, like a million dollars.

And then it’s finished, and you put it on, and you just can’t help but run about going “de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh-de-neh BATMAN!”*

Ah well, such is life.

*NB I counted the de-nehs, but I’m still not satisfied. Any comments correcting me will be greatly appreciated.


2 Responses to “Promises, promises”

  1. Anushka Says:

    well my opinion is that you’ve got three too many DENEHs. but your cloak makes up for that threefold. i like the blue ribbon the most.

  2. shellyfish Says:

    I love your cape! It is just beautiful and I agree with the above comment, that ribbon is stunning! I’m just beginning to sew, and I would love to make something like this!

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