Preview of tomorrow’s post

I’ve started setting myself crafting deadlines! Probably not the best idea during these old exams of mine.
Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to post the finished article of this thing tomorrow:

What you see before you, I made that in about an hour and a half today. It was once a curtain. The hardest bit was unpicking all the stitching between the curtain and the curtain lining, and then reuniting them as cloak and cloak lining.

I’ve never made a hood before, I like it. Goodness knows when I’m going to wear it, but it worked for revision avoidance for me today. Nothing like having better things to do to push you into doing some crafting. In a minute I’m going to go and do some crochet. I know this is going to come back at me in the form of disappointing results but right now I just want to crochet. And so I’m going to.


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