15 hours of hard slog

Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration.

15 hours of mostly boredom, that one’s for sure.

Here’s my A level textile exam piece:

It’s a collar made of felted scones, cakes, petite fours etc, then strung together to look a bit like a fox fur stole. There’s also a pillbox hat with a teacup and saucer in there too.

Detail shots:

The first night my hands hurt from all that wet felting, the second my hands were upset from all that felt still wet and now I had to embellish everything, and now they’re just relieved it’s over.

It was totally heartbreaking leaving after the first 5 hours, and all I could see before me was a pile of wet fluffy blobs. Thankfully after the second day and lots of needle felting (which is a totally new concept to most of my exam peers so I kept having people turn around to look at me like I was a daft’un, and then laughing ‘with me’ as though it was a joke. I did my best to explain both the process and the science.) it looked much better. It all came together super quickly and doesn’t look at all like I was expecting, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’m just glad I can resume service as normal in my crafting time.

OH! And it’s supposed to look like a tea-party.


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3 Responses to “15 hours of hard slog”

  1. Anushka Says:

    how brilliant! i’ve tried both wet and needle felting several times for my artwork, and though i’ve always admired other people’s results, it never really came together for me. the teacup hat is a brilliant idea!

  2. Holandricon Says:

    Wow! Thats amazing, I love felting, I HATE wet felting for flat pieces, its ok on balls, but needle felting is the way to go, I made some cool arm warmers wet-felted over a wine bottle once, but that was really painstaking. Good luck with your moderation!

  3. Indigo Says:

    This is random but I put A-level textiles into google images and it came up with this. Not that out of the ordinary, I google it comes up with what I asked, but then I noticed it’s in one of the art rooms in my college! Anyway I thought I’d comment on this coincidence. Nice finel piece ;]

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