It hurts so bad, but it tastes so good!

After become totally inspired by this craftster post, I decided I ought to make my own.

Basically, it’s a cake who suddenly realises that is totally irresistible and in fact tastes gorgeous.

Its left arm can bend easily, and can bring the cream and cake in its hand right up to it’s mouth. I should’ve put some magnets in for a more permanent fix but I did not think it through properly.

I love the look of madness and despair on its face. I was going to put a tear on there but felt tears frighten me. Don’t ask me why.

I made it more interesting by adding cream puffs and bite marks. I didn’t have a pattern for any of the actual cake, which I guess is why the bite marks didn’t work so well- but I did have a pattern for the cream puffs, although of course they didn’t work particularly well either. I can’t follow simple instructions.

In other news, I’m also seriously considering joining the Daring Bakers, and my textiles exam is looming; next Monday to Wednesday, 15 hours of it. I’m quite excited about it being over, it’s a lot of work, thankfully that’s not quite the end of textiles though- we’ve still got the crushingly embarrassing fashion show to go. It should be fun!


Since that post, I made a donut in the same vein. It didn’t go so well. I used this tutorial on cut out and keep, by JulieJuJu for the basic donut shape, but obviously did my own thing with the decoration.


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