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I heart big prints

May 20, 2008

This weekend we had a little visitor to our garden. It was this beautiful field mouse

Unfortunately he had a little broken hind leg and was quite ill, so he died at the end of the night. In the meantime we fed him tasty morsels of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and we gave him water to drink, soaked in kitchen towels. I sat with him as he died so he didn’t feel alone.

Today I had an Art History exam retake, ‘Ways of Seeing’, from my AS year. In the paper we have two pictures of paintings to choose from, we have to describe and discuss the stylistic features, the way the subject is represented and the use of colour, etc, and then we have two pieces of sculpture to choose from and do the same to, and lastly two pieces of architecture.

It should be a piece of cake, but last year it came out as my lowest scoring module. I’m still not sure how. Anyway, last night whilst I should have been revising, I instead made a pinafore shirt out of some fabric patterned with snails and pheasants and other examples of British wildlife, that I stole from College. The photograph makes it look like it sticks out at odd angles- it doesn’t. You also can’t see the cute bow at the back (that covers up a mistake in my stitching *ahem*) but you get the idea:

And yes, those are my Art History revision notes in the background. Oh Botticelli, you and your mythological paintings.
Today I went to Swindon College to see their showcase exhibition for Foundation Art (what I’m doing next year) and on the way I went to Gorse Hill (which is a bit out of the way) to go Charity Shop Shopping. There’s one in particular that sells fantastic bedsheets and things, and I went so I could buy some fun fabric and make more fun clothes from it. Of course when I arrived they’d shut for lunch. Well, the saying goes ‘when the lord closes a door, he opens a little window’, and it certainly worked out for me today. It drove me further into Gorse Hill and I ended up in my all time favourite charity shop, the Salvation Army Store. This is a great one because if they haven’t sold something after two weeks they mark it down to 50p and you can walk out with arm fulls of bargains. Most of it’s hideous, but gloriously hideous. It also smells like something’s died, but I can get over this for the bargains.

I never get fabric from there. Their bedsheets are normally really horrible, but today, oh today! I found some fabulous curtains. Not to everyone’s taste, and certainly not to my mother’s, but these beauties came straight from the seventies (and probably should’ve stayed there).

I got two of them for 50p! They’re about a meter and a half in width and a lot more in depth. This is a detail shot, the clowns (mimes?) themselves are only about five inches in height. I use the word “only” loosely.

I think I’m going to make a high waisted/pinafore skirt from these. Gotta love pinafores.


Cakes and results

May 17, 2008

To congratulate myself on finishing my textiles A level I made myself a cake following this beautiful recipe for Angel Food Cake over at Baking Bites. I hate to blow my own trumpet but this is quite a cake. (Or was… ahem.)

The texture is amazing. It’s so light, I’ve been referring to it as ‘cloud cake’ as that’s exactly what it tastes like.

I got my textile result, basically. It’s got to be sent for moderation yet but my textiles teachers are telling me I’m going to get an A. They’ve been saying that to me for a while really, but they’re saying that my exam sketchbook was worth an A so they’re more definite about it. Exciting!

15 hours of hard slog

May 14, 2008

Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration.

15 hours of mostly boredom, that one’s for sure.

Here’s my A level textile exam piece:

It’s a collar made of felted scones, cakes, petite fours etc, then strung together to look a bit like a fox fur stole. There’s also a pillbox hat with a teacup and saucer in there too.

Detail shots:

The first night my hands hurt from all that wet felting, the second my hands were upset from all that felt still wet and now I had to embellish everything, and now they’re just relieved it’s over.

It was totally heartbreaking leaving after the first 5 hours, and all I could see before me was a pile of wet fluffy blobs. Thankfully after the second day and lots of needle felting (which is a totally new concept to most of my exam peers so I kept having people turn around to look at me like I was a daft’un, and then laughing ‘with me’ as though it was a joke. I did my best to explain both the process and the science.) it looked much better. It all came together super quickly and doesn’t look at all like I was expecting, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I’m just glad I can resume service as normal in my crafting time.

OH! And it’s supposed to look like a tea-party.

It hurts so bad, but it tastes so good!

May 6, 2008

After become totally inspired by this craftster post, I decided I ought to make my own.

Basically, it’s a cake who suddenly realises that is totally irresistible and in fact tastes gorgeous.

Its left arm can bend easily, and can bring the cream and cake in its hand right up to it’s mouth. I should’ve put some magnets in for a more permanent fix but I did not think it through properly.

I love the look of madness and despair on its face. I was going to put a tear on there but felt tears frighten me. Don’t ask me why.

I made it more interesting by adding cream puffs and bite marks. I didn’t have a pattern for any of the actual cake, which I guess is why the bite marks didn’t work so well- but I did have a pattern for the cream puffs, although of course they didn’t work particularly well either. I can’t follow simple instructions.

In other news, I’m also seriously considering joining the Daring Bakers, and my textiles exam is looming; next Monday to Wednesday, 15 hours of it. I’m quite excited about it being over, it’s a lot of work, thankfully that’s not quite the end of textiles though- we’ve still got the crushingly embarrassing fashion show to go. It should be fun!


Since that post, I made a donut in the same vein. It didn’t go so well. I used this tutorial on cut out and keep, by JulieJuJu for the basic donut shape, but obviously did my own thing with the decoration.