News since my last post

This morning I made the page pretty by adding a header.

Yesterday morning I became a feminist in the shower.

I have learnt what a seagull has to do with the distortion of body images in the media.

I taught myself how to knit an i-cord.

Proper post soon, I promise.


4 Responses to “News since my last post”

  1. anushka Says:

    you became a feminist in the shower? that’s very interesting. in the shower this morning, i developed a vain obsession about my hair and then spent two hours trying to do marcel waves. it totally did not work.

  2. mylittlestitches Says:

    Ah see, it was the opposite for me. I left behind my vain obsessions!
    I think Marcel Waves were only ever possible in the 1930s. After that the world just wouldn’t let them work.

  3. Anushka Says:

    well now, that is certainly a possibility. however, after a trip to boots, i am now in posession of some setting lotion and hair spray. it’s clearly me against the world, but i shall go down fighting.
    i think i need to sleep now.

  4. mylittlestitches Says:

    You will have to put it on your blog and show us all, plus tips.

    I’m growing my bob back for the summer and all the time I used to have a bob, I dreamt of those marcel waves. But they wouldn’t come! So I got a very very short crop, which sometimes I love, but mostly I regret.

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